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Well….its not real! Is it? Team India actually won the cup after 28 years and devoted the win to our very own iconic Sachin Tendulkar. But, statistically the Cup was lost before even the Indian Innings had started; Before Sehwag & Sachin : the two talismanic Indian openers were back in the hut cheaply; Before Dhoni & Gambhir did what would forever remain in the history books, India lost the Cup statistically.

  • No century scorer has ever been on the losing side in a World Cup Final!(commentators kept repeating that till 35th over)
  • Highest total chased down in an World Cup Final before that was 241(ironically by Sri lanka in 1996)
  • Success Ratio of a team batting second(23%)
  • No host nation ever won the World Cup..well that was already defied before the final!

So Dhoni & his Comrades came out from a position when all odds were against them. The way in which Mahela Jayawardhane applauded efforts of Nuwan Kulakasera with his bat showed a positive intent and Indian fans were sure that this is the attitude of a man who can destroy their dreams..and he was almost successful if not for some exceptional batting response by the Indians.MSD promoting himself when it was not much justified except for the baseless right-left combo…but this guy had a point to prove….He always wanted the focus to be on him..a non-performing captain holding the Cup would have raised some eyebrows ; but after the knock he reassures his stature and position in Indian Cricket for generations to come!MSD proves that he excels due to two things: One is ofcourse his Luck and other is his ability to soak pressure & come out at the top….and both these factors are interdependent as Siddhu would say Fortune always lives with the Tiger my Friend!


Well World Cup fever is on…So here’s the World Cup from my perspective!

  • Someone tell Sehwag that he can score 200 anyday he wishes….50 overs not really required, for him especially not.
  • As a true cricketer you must either slap Shreesanth, hit him for a six or ridicule him publicly!Poor Boy!
  • Where’s Bermuda? Our sole solace last time around…we miss Bermuda! And 400s!And that 400-ton guy who could take catches!
  • South Africa had hardly 5 spinners last 5 world cups combined…..And now they play 5 in a match..thats redemption!
  • James Franklin is a bowler who always plays as the nightwatchman!
  • Pepsi ads are cool but where’s the role of Pespsi…just change the game..and drink milk…Sehwag would tell you so…
  • Raina wonders why & how come he is carrying drinks for Kohli..
  • Dew factor is always the most convincing excuse
  • Eden Gardens is history!
  • Abdul Razzak! 5 overs..bats at No 8! May be he’s a fielding allrounder! Bowlers are batting above him…ya Afridi..he’s a bowler right?
  • Dhoni & ICC still fights over who knows the rules better…wrong answer…none..its Siddhu who knows it all my friend!
  • Premdaasa..and Shere Bangla get a match every week…and the Legendary Eden Gardens has to fight forever for a Kenya vs Zimbabwe match  match..Irony! Eden gardens is really History!
  • Wankhede runs behind schedule..all is well..relax..Its no Kolkata dude…..Mr Powar’s city…Winds blow differently here!
  • SRK wud never watch Extra Innings even if he likes Siddhu’s PJs!
  • Peiterson fails to understand the intricacies of Bollywood romance or his hernia…or he was furious at not being picked by RCB..either ways Wake Up Sid!
  • Ed Joyce…now u got the reason y it shud be Ireland nd not England!
  • England are the Robinhoods of Cricket: They take from the rich(Ind & SA) and give it all to the poor(Ban & Ire)
  • Do not know we should call WI rich or poor…maybe richer than the poor
  • Where is Chris Martin? Why is Martin Crowe watching a non-NZ match in India?
  • To keep wickets in Pakistan, you need not have a glove ..all you need is a surname Akmal
  • Sometimes injuries can be boons….Ask Mike Hussey or Eoin Morgan!
  • Darren Sammy, if he were not the captain would have hardly played more than 2 games…but he speaks motivational stuff…Smart BOY!
  • Hafeez would be thankful to Salman Butt for the rest of his life!
Peiterson fails to understand the intricacies of Bollywood romance…or he was furious at not being picked by RCB..either ways Wake Up Sid!
This world cup is very different from the previous versions. I’d like to say that’s because of two primary reasons. One, Yeah the World Cup is in India which as you all know is the powerhouse of world cricket with its popularity, money and scandals etc..World Cup is coming back to Asia after nearly 15 years and a lot has changed my friends since then-both Indian Cricket and Indian Media has evolved. Second Reason, there are no clear frontrunners this time. At least seven teams would like to think that they deserve to be in the finals. It is true that India might have a slight edge over others in what to be called a home advantage..but mind you that’s a double edged sword-Home advantage minus the crowd pressure takes you back to where you started. To Summarise, we are in for a real treat this spring. Every team has got legends and match winners but according to me these are the guys who would affect and impact most…
Unlike last few world cups, Australia would not be expected to dominate outright. But, Shane Watson is one man who would certainly dominate other teams on his day.
One of brightest emerging openers, Iqbal has shown character and consistency lacking in his other Bangladeshi counterparts. World Cup would be a great stage for him to fire against class opponents.
Kohli has been a relevation for India who has earned himself a name in the star-studded Indian batting lineup. Last year he has displayed immaculate temperament in difficult situations and we would like to see more of it.
Ryder has been out of the team for a while but you can’t count out a man of his calibre. With Mccullum poosibly dropping down the order, it would be upon Ryder to give NZ the starts they need.
Amla is still to play 50 ODIS, yet he is the mainstay of the Protean batting. It’s his style, technique that makes him seem like a pro in the team. His ability to maintain healthy strike rate without risks would be key to his team’s approach.
For a man of Misbah’s talent, he hasn’t got the appraisal or opportunity he deserved. But that is a thing of the past, now he is one of the key members in the side and with great form in his side, Misbah can do some wonders.
Very rarely it has been the case that a player of the losing team stands out from the rest in the match. Such has been the impact of this Pathan, which would haunt the dreams of bowlers in days to come.
Innovative strokeplay and positive attitude make Eoin Morgan a standout ODI performer. His presence at the lower middle order has been the key to England’s success last year.
Young and talented Sammy is suddenly the captain of West Indies and they wouldn’t be one of the favourites to win the cup. But, this allrounder can prove everybody wrong if it goes his way.
Unorthodox action is the first thing which comes to mind when you think about Malinga, but he has evolved to become one of the most dreaded fast bowler in recent times.
Going in as the world’s number one allrounder ahead of Kalis,Vettori & Afridi means he has a lot to do. Also, he is the captain of a side which is historically known to be giant-killers.