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Well….its not real! Is it? Team India actually won the cup after 28 years and devoted the win to our very own iconic Sachin Tendulkar. But, statistically the Cup was lost before even the Indian Innings had started; Before Sehwag & Sachin : the two talismanic Indian openers were back in the hut cheaply; Before Dhoni & Gambhir did what would forever remain in the history books, India lost the Cup statistically.

  • No century scorer has ever been on the losing side in a World Cup Final!(commentators kept repeating that till 35th over)
  • Highest total chased down in an World Cup Final before that was 241(ironically by Sri lanka in 1996)
  • Success Ratio of a team batting second(23%)
  • No host nation ever won the World Cup..well that was already defied before the final!

So Dhoni & his Comrades came out from a position when all odds were against them. The way in which Mahela Jayawardhane applauded efforts of Nuwan Kulakasera with his bat showed a positive intent and Indian fans were sure that this is the attitude of a man who can destroy their dreams..and he was almost successful if not for some exceptional batting response by the Indians.MSD promoting himself when it was not much justified except for the baseless right-left combo…but this guy had a point to prove….He always wanted the focus to be on him..a non-performing captain holding the Cup would have raised some eyebrows ; but after the knock he reassures his stature and position in Indian Cricket for generations to come!MSD proves that he excels due to two things: One is ofcourse his Luck and other is his ability to soak pressure & come out at the top….and both these factors are interdependent as Siddhu would say Fortune always lives with the Tiger my Friend!